What We Do

The Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC) was founded in 2002 ACFC is a non-profit, membership based organization serving the state of Alabama.

ACFC's objectives are:

  • To reduce our dependence on foreign petroleum
  • To expand the market for alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles
  • To improve air quality on Alabama thru increasing the use of cleaner alternative fuels
  • To create economic development (jobs) in Alabama
  • ACFC is funded by member dues and grants

ACFC strives to do four things well!

  1. Be a clearinghouse for information about alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles
  2. Receive and provide grants for alternative fuel infrastructure projects
  3. Conduct public education and outreach
  4. Work on State and National Alternative Fuel/Vehicle Policy

We will be happy to discuss our objectives and strategic outlook with you. Just contact us to discuss or set up an appointment.