Alternative Fuels Market Initiative (AFMI) and Workbooks

On Nov. 19, 2012, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced awards for 20 alternative fuel market projects totaling $11.1 million. Through Clean Cities' Implementation Initiatives to Advance Alternative Fuel Markets awards, communities throughout the United States are helping increase the use of alternative fuel vehicles.

The selected projects built upon existing partnerships within Clean Cities. Each project addressed obstacles for using alternative fuel vehicles in communities throughout the United States.

As an awardee the Southeast Regional Alternative Fuels Market Initiatives Program, which includes Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee, will provide first responder and vehicle maintenance technician training; develop Alternative Fuels Readiness Workbooks to guide alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) deployment readiness; assist municipalities with AFV readiness; and create and provide procurement policies and incentive models.

You may download a copy of the initial workbooks below:

An all-encompassing AFMI site has been created by the project partners (AL, GA, TN and SC) to house the educational material developed. Visit it today!