Green Fleets

Green Flets

The transportation sector accounts for two-thirds of the United States' oil use and contributes one-third of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions. After housing, transportation is the second biggest monthly expense for most American families. Reducing the gas consumed by our local, state, federal and industry fleets will help relieve some of the upward pressure on gas prices.

We have the opportunity, and the obligation, to take action. At ACFC we can help change both the types and the amounts of energy that our transportation systems use while also creating good, well-paying jobs and easing everyone's burden at the pump.

"Greening" a fleet with domestically produced alternative fuels, and incorporating advanced technology vehicles, also reduces our dependence on imported foreign petroleum and, as a great by-product, improves our environment since alternative fuels are cleaner burning.

The Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC) offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to possibly help our private or municipal fleet capitalize on the potential money saving benefits of alternative fuels and fuel efficient vehicle technologies. Since 2002, ACFC, a 501c3 Alabama non-profit, and a designated U. S. Department of Energy Clean cities coalition - has successfully managed projects in partnership with fleets across the state.

ACFC offers a fleet consulting service designed to help assess and recommend strategies for deploying domestic alternative fuels and money saving technologies.

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