2020 Director's Corner

Mark Bentley

Thank you for your continued commitment and support in 2019 of the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC) and our efforts to expand markets in Alabama for alternative fuels (AF) and advanced technology vehicles (AFV). 
By working together there were many achievements in 2019 for the Alabama clean transportation industry, including:
Partnering with Clean Cities coalitions in Georgia and South Carolina on a U.S. DOE competitive grant award of $4.6 million!  In Alabama the award will fund the addition of a CNG public fueling station at Clean Energy’s LNG station in Birmingham, add CNG fueling for Waste Management’s refuse fleet in Tarrant, and add UPS electric delivery vans in Montgomery.
Organizing and conducting two well-attended Biodiesel Workshops in Birmingham and Montgomery.
The designation of five  (5) Alternative Fuel Corridors in Alabama for Propane Autogas by FHWA under the FAST Act to augment the eight (8) CNG/LNG corridors designated on a prior round.
Organizing and staffing an AF/AFV informational booth at the Alabama League of Municipalities Annual meeting in Mobile.
Developing and conducting a successful Propane Autogas workshop in October.
Conducting educational site visits at Busworx in Montgomery; New Flyer of America in Anniston; EcoCAR Mobility Challenge at The University of Alabama and Waste Management’s fleet operation in Tarrant.
Organizing and conducting an Earth Day Event at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in April and a National Drive Electric Week Showcase Event at The Market at Pepper Place in September.
Continuing our work with ADECA on the State’s $25.5 million VW Settlement and helping to communicate the first RFP for projects. The first round of selected projects ($5.8 million) was just announced!
At the federal level, ACFC’s President served on the Board of Directors of Transportation Energy Partners (TEP), a national non-profit policy and education organization that brings Clean Cities coalitions together with the clean transportation industry to advance Federal policies that will reduce American dependence on petroleum-based fuels.  In 2019 TEP achieved increased funding for the Clean Cities and EPA Clean Diesel programs and an extension of AF, AFV, and AF infrastructure related tax incentives through 2020.
In early 2020, another RFP is expected from ADECA  for an additional portion of the $25.5 Million coming to Alabama from the VW Settlement. This will provide an opportunity to further grow the markets for AFVs using propane, CNG and electricity. ACFC is continuing to actively contribute to the conversation at the state level to help ensure the money is used effectively.   
We also expect a substantial RFP to be issued by DOE for projects soon. Stay tuned to our website. 
Thank you again for your continued partnership in this growth. We hope to build upon our successes with your help and involvement in these efforts. 

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Mark Bentley
Executive Director